Vintage Ardabil Hand-Knotted Persian Wool Rug

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Country: Iran (Persia)
Region: Ardabil
Design: Mahi
Pile: Wool
Weave: Hand-Knotted
Age: Approximate 20 years old
Condition: Excellent

This Ardabil rug has a very rare colour combination and it is double knotts rug.

Persian Ardabil rugs are originally from Ardabil located in the province of northwest Iran. Ardabil has a long and deep history in Persian weaving carpets. Mahi (Herati) is the most famous design found in the Ardabil Persian rugs. In the Mahi design mostly can find diamond medallions, small fish throughout shapes and now modern weavers start weaving with bold geometric patterns over the traditional Mahi Herati designs. Ardabil rugs colours are such as turquoise, purple and in the more traditional red, pink, ivory, green and blue.

Please Note - This rug comes with an Authenticity certificate.