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Find The Authentic Vintage Persian Rugs in Australia

by Varinder Pal 05 Jan 2022
Find The Authentic Vintage Persian Rugs in Australia Rug House AU

When you decorate your home with some nice-looking Persian rugs in your home in just an instant, you'll turn your place into a fairy-tale setting. It's hard not to fall in love with excellent quality authentic Persian rugs. When you step into a home decorated with a vintage Persian carpet, you'll come to appreciate its beauty and intricate design that adds a flair of mystery.


The best material for floor rugs


Organic wool is the most common material for making high-quality hand-knotted floor rugs. Organic is the best quality wool in the world. It is impossible not to get impressed when you enter a home that uses high-quality oriental carpets. If you look for excellent Persian wool rugs in Australia, you will get your hands full.


Persian wool rugs are so unique that they automatically complement the whole place, even if you place it anywhere. You'll find the design mesmerizing. The crisscross pattern of lines and shapes captivates your attention and lets you stare at it for hours without getting tired. There is something with traditional rugs that can make you an instant fan.


Which things do you need to consider in choosing floor rugs?


When you enter a home, you'll notice an immediate carpet lying on the floor still in the Centre. So what are the things that you need to consider in choosing a floor rug? Choose something that is not too small or not too big. If you prefer something that is just small or too large for the area, it will throw off the proportion of the space.


Adding carpets to your home can add cosiness inside it. When you step on it, you'll notice that it invites you to stay on it. There is just something that makes rugs and carpets a "must" in your home. A floor rug is the most seen object on your floor, so I suggest you choose the one that catches your attention.


 Investing in floor carpets can enhance the look of your home. It adds a ton of cosy vibe and makes the entire place elegant and inviting.


Are Persian rugs the same as Iranian rugs?


Persian or Iranian rugs are a time capsule with a rich history that stands the test of time. History states that Iran used to be under Persian Emperor. Persian culture's weaving of carpets greatly influences Iranian art.


Carpet weaving is a traditional skill that passes from generation to generation. Persian or Iranian carpet weaving is a tale of history. Early historical accounts have made many mentions regarding Persian mats' presence in stories of royalty and other essential narratives. Most adventures that have an infusion of Middle Eastern themes would mention a traditional Persian rug as décor in most royalty's homes and vital structures.


Why should you have a Persian Carpet in your home?


Iranian or Persian carpets are a work of art. The intricate design pattern is an iconic look that stands the test of time. Place a piece of a Persian mat on your floor, and it will transform the place magically in seconds. When you place furniture and other decors close to it, you'll notice it will instantly add a touch of vibrant to your entire place.


Investing in vintage carpets is such an excellent idea because it just makes your place like a page on a storybook.


Turkish and Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs, by definition, are rugs that are handwoven from Asia. It may come from China, Turkey, India, Russia, Pakistan and Tibet. What makes Oriental rugs unique is that it is handwoven using a loom. The amount of dedication and skill is admirable and pricing these pieces of home ornament is very justifiable.


Turkish rugs are premium-quality décor that is made from fine silk that is taken from silkworms. In history, if you have an item that is made from silk, you know it is luxurious, classy, and elegant. So when you decorate your home with either Turkish or Oriental rugs, you are putting a lot of prestige and class in your place.


Silk is a premium quality material that is considered luxurious compared to cotton, wool, or any expensive natural material in history. It is said that it requires special skills and techniques to finish a length of Turkish rug that adds a ton of elegance to your home. Throughout centuries, the oriental Turkish rugs were still imported to Europe.


Level up your home with excellent quality Persian Area Rugs


Excellent quality authentic Persian area rugs in Australia start at $4,000, and some high-end vintage rugs may reach around $20,000. But the good thing is every once in a while, and there are promos and sales where most stores slash down prices and make the second-hand rugs available for everyone.


Many stores in Australia also import and sell high-quality oriental hand-knotted rugs. If you are lucky, you'll find stores that slash 50-80% off on their mats; isn't it lovely? Not only that, but some of the stores offer services like rug cleaning, washing, repair and restoration. Most of them offer free delivery with a return.


So here's what you need to do. Get your phone and call us right now. Or reach us thru email and we'll respond to all of your queries and give you the best experience ever. But if you are just around the corner, we are inviting you to visit our store, and we'll help you turn your home elegant, and we are sure that you will love it!

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